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    7 february 2014
    ACBK has new Charter
    Revised ACBK Charter that was discussed and endorsed by the General Meeting in July 2013, has been recently registered at the Ministry of Justice RK.
    12 november 2013
    Important bird areas are now under additional protection
    The Order ‘On Approval of the lists of Wetlands of the International and Republican Importance’ (№ 273-ө from September 6, 2013) by Minister of Environment and Water Resources Mr. N.Kapparov inures on November, 12. All 10 Ramsar sites in Kazakhstan have been included as wetlands of the international importance and 44 ponds have been included as wetlands of the republican importance
    4 november 2013
    Blood samples for research on saiga diseases collected
    Recently the fieldwork for catching saigas was finished with the goal of taking blood samples from animals throughout Kazakhstan. These samples are to be used to conduct a broad screening for diseases in the saiga populations in Kazakhstan.
    24 june 2013
    ‘Almatinka 2013’ – Ornithology Sports Day
    On 23rd June 2013, the Association for the Conservation of the Biodiversity of Kazakhstan (ACBK), together with the Ile-Alatau National Park, held the ‘Almatinka 2013’ ornithology sports day in Kaskelen gorge.
    21 june 2013
    Biodiversity Monitoring Seminar
    An international seminar on monitoring biodiversity – part of the ‘Initiative for the Conservation of Ustyurt Ecosystems in Kazakhstan’ project – took place in Astana on 17 June 2013. The purpose of the seminar was to review the current monitoring strategy for specific species of animals and plants, look at gap analysis and the possibilities of integration into existing monitoring schemes.


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