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Expert evaluation

► Assessment of impact to flora and fauna within Environmental Impact Assessment; development of compensatory measures

  • This includes the impact of the mineral resources, quarries, power lines, wind energy development, etc.


► Evaluation of ecosystem services gained from a particular territory

  • Human benefits from ecosystems expressed in monetary terms - use of animals, water, forest stands, including wildlife objects removing, recreation and tourism, grazing, etc.

► Examination of wildlife objects - specification of animals by the remains and the derivatives

This is used to determine species of died animal for damage assessment, compensatory measures development and to prevent animal deaths.


  • Definition of the birds remains after aircraft collisions (Air Astana)
  • Examination of illegally harvested and confiscated animals at airports for the territorial inspections of forestry and wildlife, as well as the police and customs services.  

► Сonsulting on the conservation and sustainable use of wildlife, preparation of analytical reports, reviews, etc.


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