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Poacher detained in Kostanay region


Suspicious Yamaha snowmobile and sleigh was stopped close to the Kishikol wintering on January 30, 2017 during a patrol on the territory of the "Altybay" and "Saga" hunting farms by ACBK Chasseurs staff together with the State Enterprise "Ohotzooprom" Production Association" and the environmental police of the Zhangeldi District, Kostanay region. Three illegally caught wild boar specimens were found as the result of the inspection of the contents in the sleigh. This case is under investigation and, according to it, criminal proceedings are initiated.

Last year, ten raids were conducted in cooperation with state environmental agencies. This work ensures the effective protection of territories.

ACBK Chasseurs conduct permanent patrols on its territory. More than 35 thousand kilometers were checked over the last year.

It is worth noting that currently hunting for hoofed animals is prohibited. This case is the first case of illegal hunting registered on the territory of the "Altybay" and "Saga" hunting farms since the beginning of the year. Last year, the cases of illegal hunting were not documented.

To recall, ACBK has secured the "Altybay" and "Saga" hunting farms in Zhangeldi District of Kostanay region, with the total area of 350 thousand hectares, for protection. This area is located on the migration routes of saiga and functions as a special area for animal protection, where hunting must not be carried out.

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