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ACBK information campaign against trafficking saiga horns is completed


ACBK has conducted an information campaign against illegal trade of saiga horns from November 21, 2016 to January 21, 2017. The main goal of the campaign is to suppress the illegal sale of saiga derivatives, as well as to attract public attention to the problems of conservation of this rare species.

The campaign was supported by several government agencies, including Department of Administrative Police Committee of MIA RK Environmental Police, the Committee of Forestry and Wildlife Ministry of Agriculture and the State Enterprise "Production Association" Ohotzooprom".

During the campaign public pages on the Facebook and Vkontakte were created. These have become a platform for the information exchange, discussion of topical issues of saiga conservation and wildlife in general. In addition, social network users were sending photos of the advertisement for buying / selling of saiga horns and its derivatives out to these public pages. Moreover, a WhatsApp hotline has been opened in order for everyone to be able to send photos of found advertisements.

More than 200 ads from 7 regions have been found during the campaign. Data processing revealed 24 contact numbers of knackers. In addition, 19 Kazakhstan websites having similar advertisements have been found. All administrators were sent a letter with information about the illegality of such activities, and as a result 11 of them immediately have deleted the information from their websites.

In order to make the illegality of such advertisements clear, special stickers with short information about the ban on the marketing and use of derivatives of the saiga were printed. 5,000 stickers were printed in total, 2,500 of them were sent to the distribution points in several regions. Stickers were pasted on the advertisements for buying up of saiga horns.

ACBK Branch in Mangistau region in cooperation with regional environmental police and the participation of 10 volunteers organized a city raid. They found more than 60 advertisements in two hours. Several volunteers from Almaty, Aktobe and Karaganda organized independent search for the advertisements.

All collected information on illegal trade in saiga horns has been passed to environmental police of administrative police committee of MIA RK, as well as the RK Committee of Forestry and Wildlife Ministry of Agriculture. Based on the collected data, by the Ministry of Internal Affairs has already started conducting an investigation and advocacy.

We are grateful to everyone who has participated in the campaign and contributed to the collection of information!


Map of the advertisement for buying up of saiga horns

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