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UNESCO assessment mission in Kazakhstan


ACBK, together with the Committee of Forestry and Fauna of Ministry of Agriculture, is preparing the Kazakhstani part and the consolidated nomination, as well as coordinating the assessment mission in Kazakhstan. Two representatives of UNESCO were accompanied by our expert Vladimir Kolbintsev. In our country, the mission visited two reserves - Aksu-Zhabagly and Karatau, and Sairam-Ugam National Parks.

During their visit in the Aksu-Zhabagly by car and hiking routes, the guests examined Ulken Kaindy, Boydaksay and the Kyzolgenkol Lake. The experts assessed the unique natural complexes of the area: endemic species of plants, beautiful landscapes, geology and historical sites, including petroglyphs of the Bronze Age and early Iron Age. Also, the mission met with the employees of the reserve, and visited a library and a museum, where the materials from paleontological sites Aulie and Karabastau are stored.

On the way to the Karatau Nature Reserve, the mission visited the city of Turkestan. There, a tour to the mausoleum of Ahmed Yausavi, which is a World Heritage Site, was organized for the experts.

The observations of Pamir argali during the 18-km long equestrian survey of the Biresik Gorge were particularly impressive. The unique endemic and relict plant species could be observed there. After touring the area, the mission met with the leadership of Sairam-Ugam National Park, representatives of the regional Akimat and Department of Forestry and Fauna, university professors and journalists. The next day, on the horse route with the staff of Sairam-Ugam SSPE, the mission went to the upper Sairam Gorge on glacial moraine with the picturesque Sayramsu Lake; there landscapes were examined, and the photographic collection of fossils of the Lower Carboniferous was made. The experts now left Kazakhstan to continue their expedition to Uzbekistan. Now we are waiting for the comments and observations from Kyung Woo and Elena Osipova, the representatives of UNSECO.  Based on these comments, the nomination should be finalized by mid-winter.

Photo: V. Kolbintsev

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