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Seminar on combating illegal wildlife trade


Four countries of the snow leopard areal, namely, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Russia, and Kyrgyzstan, as well as the international organizations such as Interpol, UNDP, NABU, USAID, Panthera, and others attended the seminar.

Oleg Lukanovsky (project coordinator for the snow leopard, ROO ACBK), Kuat Chumakaev (the Committee of Forestry and Fauna of Ministry of Agriculture) and Alexey Grachev (Institute of Zoology) represented Kazakhstan during the seminar.

Each of the four participating countries gave a presentation on the current situation, the facts of the illegal wildlife trade and domestic law in this sphere. The discussion showed that all four countries have many problems and challenges in common. These include poaching, illegal export of animals and their derivatives abroad, corruption, lack of training in protected areas, border guards, concealment of facts of poaching, harboring, poor interaction between different departments within the country, poor cross-border cooperation, etc.

The member countries proposed a number of measures to combat illegal wildlife trade and related crimes. On the basis of these proposals, an international strategy will be developed in the near future.

To recall, starting 2014, ACBK is working on the study and conservation of the snow leopard in Kazakhstan.

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